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This guide will help you estimate the cost1 of your web site

Project: Internet Presence $250.00

Web site consists of a set of 1-3 pages and provides space for general information regarding your company or organization and basic interactivity with the visitor. Project includes:
  • home page
  • page showing a small catalog of products or services
  • map to your location
  • email and contact form
  • 2-5 scanned images
  • email link

Project: Basic Web Site $450.00

In addition to all the above features this project allows for more in-depth information and interactivity with your visitors.
  • simple mailing or subscription list stored in a database and an administrative page to manage the list
  • simple news manager
  • customized email form
  • email and contact form
  • 5-10 scanned images

Project: Basic E-commerce $950.00

In addition to all the above features this project is ready to be expended to a fully functional e-commerce site. It is considered a minimum requirement for small businesses and organizations
  • low cost secure credit card processing solution and shopping cart
  • simple updatable catalog of 25 products and services stored in a database

Project: E-commerce $1100.00+

Custom designed e-commerce solution with an unlimited number of products, shopping cart, tax and shipping calculators, reports, customer invoices, email notification, secure credit card processing, etc…

1As each site is unique and customer’s needs are taken into consideration the prices shown are only an approximation of the total cost of a project which might include among other things Flash presentations, graphics/logo design, more elaborate marketing plan and e-commerce strategies. These additional services are charged $65.00 per hour or the cost is added to the estimate and submitted for clients' approval.
Other costs include:
- domain name registration (if necessary) $20.00-$35.00 per year,
- hosting $15.00 - $65.00 per month and one time setup fee of $30.00 - $60.00.
Prices are shown in US dollars.

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